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Param Sant Satguru Kripal Singh Ji

The institution derives its appellation after the worldly name of Param Sant Satguru Kripal Singh Ji, popularly addressed as Huzur Maharaj Ji by his disciples. Born to the Great Saint Param Purush Puran Dhani Sant Satguru Shri Maan Singh Ji, popularly addressed as Huzur Maalik Saheb Ji, and Pujyaniya Mata Dheera Devi Ji on Sawan Badi Teras, Samvat 2009 (19th July 1952 A.D.) at Mhow (presently Dr Ambedkar Nagar) district Indore, (M.P.) India. Blessed is that day when the divine sun appeared on earth as an incarnation in human form. Right from the childhood, Huzur Maharaj Ji was keenly interested in spiritual activities and opted to lead the life of a devotee and disciple of his father and guru, with unmatched dedication and total surrenderance. During the young age of Huzur Maharaj Ji, Adhyatma Niketan (Ashram) was gradually becoming the epicentre of Sadhana and Satsang, and celebration of various parvas. Followers from different parts of the world came to the ashram not only for Satsang, but also to receive darshan and blessings of Huzur Maalik Saheb Ji. Whereas the Ashram had limited facilities for accommodating such huge congregation, but as a staunch devotee, young Huzur Maharaj Ji himself preferred to serve whosoever came to the ashram with the full devotion, dedication, and love as his mool mantra was “Sewa of Satsangis is the Param Sewa of the Guru.”

इबादत है किसी नाशाद का दिल शाद कर देा।

इबादत है किसी बरबाद को आबाद कर देना।

इबादत है किसी बेकफन को कफन उढ़ा देना।

इबादत है किसी दर्दमंद का दर्द बँटा लेना।

- हुज़ूर महाराज

महापुरुष जहाँ रहते हैं, वह स्थान तीर्थ बन जाता है।

वे जो भी कहते हैं वह शास्त्र बन जाता है।जी

- हुज़ूर महाराज जी

Huzur Maharaj Ji is the true successor of Sant Satguru Huzur Maalik Saheb, who brought together the two spiritual lineages, the Surat Shabda Yog and Shaktipat Mahayog. Both sadhanas are ways of purifying the individual self (Jeevatma) and conjoining with the Supreme Consciousness (Parmatma). With the Naam Sumiran conferred by the Satguru and following his given instructions, Naad or Shakti begins to appear. Practising this Sadhna regularly with devotion and surrenderance to the Satguru, Naad or Shakti ascends through various centres of consciousness in the Sushumna, the soul achieves oneness with the 'Param Chaitanya Sindhu' (Supreme Ocean of Consciousness). Huzur Maharaj Ji stresses the importance of Sumiran as it not only ascends a Sadhak on the inner journey, but also helps reduce their ego, anger, greed, lust and attachment from the worldly elements, and develops qualities such as compassion, patience, forgiveness, self-control, etc. As his name translates, the most gracious, merciful, and compassionate one, Huzur Maharaj Ji, the ocean of grace divine, is a source of bliss and gratification, who showers the unconditional love on all in his purview, as well as those who never met him in person but established a bond beyond worldly limits. ADHYATMA NIKETAN Upon the request of Huzur Malik Saheb Ji, the great saint Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji Maharaj (from Narayana Kuti, Dewas) laid the foundation of Adhyatma Niketan on 05th November 1961. It was inaugurated in 1965, and since then it is quenching the spiritual thirst of many as Sadhak from several parts of the world. Situated at Koteshwar Road, Gwalior (M.P.), Adhyatma Niketan is a nature-filled haven, with several different types of plants and trees, the squawking of the peacocks and the chirping of the birds make this place mesmerising. Ashram offers tranquil respite to the seekers. The serene atmosphere of the Ashram is perceptible as soon as one sets foot on its divine premises. The daily Ashram routine encompasses three sessions of Sadhan. The first session, known as Dhun, takes place before sunrise, at around 4 AM, in which the Satsangis melodiously chants the Naam and meditate for almost 90 minutes. The next two sessions are Pratahkalin Satsang and Saayamkalin Satsang, in which Shabds our sung, Vachans of the great saints are read, meditation and religious discourse are held, and doubts expressed by the Satsangis are cleared by Huzur Maharaj Ji. The Ashram community comprises of Sanyasis, Brahmacharis, and other Satsangis who devout their time for Ashram Seva as per the instructions of Huzur Maharaj Ji. Adhyatma Niketan, with its limited resources and manpower, is sowing the seed of spiritual awakening and spiritual consciousness among the seekers without discrimination.