Sometimes, a fleeting moment in life changes everything. It was one such moment which made us think about starting this esteemed institution. It was a moment of truth for the members of the managing committee when we met to discuss what we could do to make a positive, long lasting contribution to our community at Banda, Uttar Pradesh. We wanted Banda and our campus to be known for the best education in law at almost no cost. We wanted our students to be independent from the day they step out of our Institution. And we wanted aspirants seeking legal studies, arriving from all over the country.

That is when we hit upon the idea of making it not-for-profit.

SKSIL was born in 2017 at Banda, Uttar Pradesh, with a dream of creating professionals out of graduates. The town which has several conventional educational institutes now has an exclusive Law college to boast about. What is more, we have designed the curriculum in such a way that youngsters entering our college, go out as professionals, fully empowered to take on any challenge that this world may throw at them.

Our Mantra

We take pride in following the teachings of the Mahatma Gautam Buddha. Human pursuit of happiness is wrought with suffering. Our college emblem encompasses the path one takes at SKSIL – The Dharma Chakra, the eight-fold path to achieve the ultimate goal in life.

At the core of this wheel of life, is the strongest of our beliefs –

अप्प दीपो भव

The eight-fold path as taught by the Buddha is necessary to be understood by all, especially what it has for lawyers:

  • Right view
    – Seeing things as they really are – an essential quality to be a good lawyer.
  • Right Intention
    – The right understanding of the need to live and act in perfect accordance with the highest standards.
  • Right Speech
    – ‘Walk the talk’. Useful and sincere talk for expression of friendliness.
  • Right Action
    – It is not just the exclusion of glaring misconduct, but a thorough application of general principles – the very crux of being a good lawyer.
  • Right Livelihood
    - Our livelihood must not only do not harm others, but it must also genuinely benefit others.
  • Right Effort
    – Doing the right thing in the right way, with Nirvana as the ultimate goal.
  • Right Mindfulness
    - Never for a moment permit the right perspective to slip from one’s mind.
  • Right Concentration
    - Meditation must accomplish its sole purpose of Nirvana or Moksha.

We are determined to instill the right thought and action among our students which would independently guide them to their chosen occupation, ultimately contributing to society in the long run.